An Apache Ages

When I was 15, I thought I had most of it figured out and knew what the hell was happening in the world. I was on the rez and my world was in my control. Then I turned 20 and realized that I was an idiot at 15. The world had gotten so much bigger and the reservation so much smaller.  But at 20, I knew much more and was going to attempt to conquer the world. (just like we did last night Pinky)

Sad indian

Then I made it to 30 and thought about what a buffoon 20 year old me was. The world isn’t designed to be conquered, it is sometimes laughed with and fought against, not something to rule over. Nobody is handing out golden tickets, as 20 year old me still believed they existed. 30 year old me knows better, well… knew better than those previous morons.
When I hit 40 recently I noticed how blissfully unaware that 30 year old seemed to be. Sure he thought he had a good grip on things at 30. The more 40 year old knows, the more I realize how much 40 year old me, doesn’t know. I feel as though I’m starting to reverse in age. How is it possible that I know so little?

That may all sound bad, or even an attempt at some sarcastic self-deprecation, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s an honest realization of your past thought patterns. And hopefully you’re current ones.

However, I truly believe that if you DON’T go through these phases and subsequent brain-wrecks, there’s probably something wrong. You should be growing, and learning and overall getting BETTER than your former self. Shouldn’t you?


on a mission

Me and my clan took a road trip from Missouri to New Mexico this summer

Going through Kansas we saw a lot of churches.

A few days prior to our trip, my daughter and I had a quick talk about a cross and I jokingly called it a plus sign. It was a little short on the bottom.

As we drove through Kansas, Missouri, Narnia, Colorado and saw all these churches, we’d say, ‘hey, another plus sign’, or ‘they sure do like plus signs in this little town’, and on it went. Then I started thinking, how great it would be if people worshiped math like they worshiped religion.

If every Sunday people would put on their Sunday best and head to out Math.

Wake up kids, time for Math!

There would be Sunday school where kids worked on long division and were given sugar cookies and generic kool-aid. We’d have images of Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Pythagoras, Neil DeGrasse Tyson in glass windows.

There wouldn’t be a hundred different interpretations. Anyone could show up to any math and the answers would be the same no matter what part of the country you were in. Songs would be made to the Golden Ratio and being able to calculate the area of anything would be second nature.

It would no longer be people saying dumb things like ‘prove me wrong’. We could say ‘let me prove to you that I’m right’.

it would be fantastic and it would be glorious.

An Open Letter to My Knee

Listen, I know you’ve been through a lot. I know I’ve asked for support more times than I care to admit. And you’ve always been there working, and I appreciate that. We’ve played countless hours of noonball (that’s 12-1:30) every single day. Through college, then summertime, then tournaments on weekends. …

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