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Game 8 Highlights

Game 8 Highlights

Welcome to this weeks highlights of our Chaos Basketball team.

Some quick Team Stats
15 steals
18 Rebounds
3 Blocks
1 for 31 shooting. That works out to about 3% from the field. Yeah, we shoot 30% and we win the game.
SCREEN AWARD – Cameron Sporing
DIME AWARD – Carlind Bonner

I would love to run through the whole game, but that would take WAY too long. Here’s some things I really want to see more of in the second session from our ballplayers.

First off, The PICK award. The “Screenie” goes to Cameron. He does a great job here of setting a pick for Ronin. Ronin then gets triple teamed and give the ball back to Cameron, the one setting the pick actually gets the ball back. Something I wish they all would understand, you set the pick, you probably get open. Too bad there was a quick 3 second call (in my opinion anyway). Cameron set multiple picks this game and I was very proud.

Carlind made a lot of good passes this game. This one was on a break down to Lincoln. Nothing happened with this play at the end, but this is heads up kind of play as he gave it up as the defender was coming over. Good timing.

Cole is getting more and more aggressive. He’s becoming more and more of a factor. Here lincoln throws him a pass and instead of waiting for it to get to him, he reaches out and snatches the pass. Causing the other team to foul him. Just a simple act of going to get it makes it a big deal.

Ronin gets a little stuck after a rebound here, but instead of taking a fadeaway, or avoiding the tall players, he does what all big men need to learn and goes up strong no matter the size. He ended up taking out 2 players and just barely missing.

Carlind just shows off some awareness and athleticism and makes a good save to Brandon. Brandon uses the backboard perfectly for this easy shot. And it was sadly our only score of the game. We took several shots, they just didn’t fall.

Cole simply paying attention and taking some chances leads to an easy Gabe shot. Gabe got himself to an¬†open spot, and it was a smart shot, it just didn’t drop for us. I love when Cole jumps off the playbook and keeps his eyes open. He makes a lot of good decisions when he seems to relax and have fun. Happened several times in this game.

When Lincoln has his head up to pass, he’s deadly. Here he is under the hoop and see’s a wide open Carlind. The defense does a good job of switching over to him. If Ronin had cut to basket, or if Brandon had called for the ball, there may be another quick pass there, but it’s a good shot, and I know it’s one he can make.

Lincoln and Carlind do a fantastic job with the defensive switch here. It looks very natural. Lincoln takes Carlind’s man, Carlind turns and finds Lincoln’s and nobody is left open and Lincoln continued to make sure the ball stopped. Brandon came over to help so they shot the 3 pointer. Which is a shot we’ll allow at this age. Great D by everyone. Linc is even rewarded with a rebound after all that hustle.

The ball goes from Brandon to Cole to Carlind to Sam (thanks to a pick from Gabe. The heads up dribbling of Cole, to Carlind seeing the open man under the basket is why Carlind won the Dime Award this week. He had some great looks in the entire game. You can see me at the end there telling Sam to cut to the basket. I’m not sure he understood, but on this video, Sam can see that if he runs full speed at the hoop, he probably dunks it on the big man down low. that’s 5¬†players involved and we look like a team here. Probably one of my favorite plays of the year.

This last one is tough, but I’m hoping George gets a chance to see the clip. If Brandon gets his head up and looks to the block, we have an easy shot. It’s tough as he’s driving into the trees and there’s not a good passing lane. But any good point guard has to trust his teammates to be there, and should be looking for that pass before the shot. I hope all our points can see this play happen and if Brandon had thrown this ball under the basket, Carlind gets an easy layup.

I’m not picking on Brandon, I just want him to know that his ability to see this pass, will make him unstoppable. Point Guards don’t look to shoot that ball, they bring the defense and make them worry about what he’s going to do with it.

Next game is either the 19th or 20th. New schedule hasn’t been posted. If ANYONE wants a copy of the game I’ll be glad to post it or make a copy. You need only ask.

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