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Chaos Game 6 highlights

This was another game against ABA supreme. ABA stands for Agape basketball academy. So this is a team that plays together often and may be their main sport. I do like playing against good teams, and when we play good against good teams, we earn our respect. I’d like to share some quick clips again of things I love to see, and things that drive me crazy as a coach.

Hopefully you’re able to see them and share them with your ballplayers.

First we’ll start with Ronin ripping the ball away. Good aggressiveness. This needs to happen on every loose ball, every play from every player.

Here is Jackson getting low and wide on a rebound. This is almost textbook. He just didn’t find a body, but that’s the proper way to get low and prepared to get a rebound.

From the previous game;
Brandon in this clip is just trying to cause absolute chaos. He goes from one player and all the way across the court to try to block another. If we could get this kind of hustle from everyone. Nobody would ever score on us.

Cameron chases down the kid with the ball. As Cole hustles all the way back for the missed shot. Cameron did the right thing to stop the ball and just the simple process of Cole not giving up on the play makes a big difference.

This play may look awfully simple but Gabe does something I enjoy here. He makes the decision at the free throw line and there really wasn’t anyone open. Other than getting his eyes up when dribbling, it’s a smart shot to take.

Lincoln and Cole both get down to keep the big man from getting the ball. Another textbook boxout.

Ronin does a good job here of getting low, moving his feet and closing on the ball for the steal.

This one is tough, but I want our players to see it. The other team is in a zone defense. Lincoln gets the pass from brandon and does the correct thing, Drives to draw the defense, however, he stops and holds before he passes it. This gave the defender time to move to Cameron. Cameron actually does a good job of moving to the block. Gabe is in a good spot to run to the middle as well. This would force the kid who stole it too many people to guard. I don’t expect them to see this naturally, this is the sort of play that happens with time and vision. But it’s worth watching.

The beginning of this video would have normally spelled a layup for the other team. But Brandon and Carlind run down to stop the ball, and then Sam comes in and knocks it away after they stop. The other team went from looking at a layup to fouling one of our players. That’s a happy turnaround.

This is a good reason Gabe has earned himself some more minutes in the next game. We always talk about defense, deny, sag/help and sometimes we’re not sure it’s sinking in. But Gabe here seems to see that he’s one pass away, and gets in deny position so his man can’t get the ball and then Carlind does a great job of coming over for help defense. Nice work by everyone.

Watch this one 3-5 times. Brandon with some fantastic footwork. He guessed wrong on the closeout and almost got beat. But it’s near perfect defense against their best ball handler. The second time you watch, see Ronin keep between his man and the basket, AND watch the ball the whole time. He even made a quick move for help defense but made a good decision to stay with his man. And the 3rd time, watch Jackson stay in perfect position between his man and the basket. Then watch him box him out and start pushing his MAN BACK! Also, Watch Ronin boxout his man when the shot goes up. If Cameron had remembered to boxout instead of jumping for the ball, nobody but Green would have touched it. All around, it’s a wonderful play that I’m proud of.

These are all the things we did right and when it’s done right, the game becomes easier. Regardless of the score or the wins, this is what basketball should always look like.

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