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Game 4 Highlights

Thought I’d see how much I could store on cloud servers and at the same time, show the parents what I’ve seen on the video. The good and the bad, but mostly the good.

This is only our 4th game of the season and it’s against ABA supreme. Who has 4th and 5th graders on their squad. We were also short of Lincoln and Brandon. So this game was going to be extremely tough as we have several things stacked against us.

First, watch the kid with the ball come down the court to score and you’ll see Cole come screaming outta nowhere. (actually the left side). I believe he got called for the foul, but that’s what we mean when we talk about stopping the shooter.

Here is Sam and Gabe executing an almost perfect give and go. This was just a good job of keeping your head up, moving and making good decisions. If Cameron had set a pick down low, Sam could have probably made it in for an easy layup.

Cole has tremendous speed, but he’s got to learn to harness it (and use his left hand). You see him here with a simple stop and go and both times had defenders chasing him. If he switched to his left and saw the pick Ronin was setting for him, it may have been an easy drive.

Here is Sam up against the 4/5th graders from ABA supreme. He turns and gets a good aggressive block on the big man. Quickness and size are fantastic traits when used correctly.

Cameron gets the pass from Jackson and makes a pretty good move to score.Nothing but net in between the 2 biggest guys on the court. That’s just good reaction and smart decisions.

Ronin gets an easy 2 here by simply finding a man to boxout. He didn’t even have to jump.

Here is Jackson doing an excellent job of watching his man and the ball. He keeps his head up and gets the easy steal then an excellent outlet to Cole. Cole does a good job of getting into open space for the outlet pass to push the ball down.

Ronin here gets an easy steal simply by being aware of the help from Jackson. Once he turns and gets the ball up, he simply takes it and controls the ball before taking off.

All in all, it was an ugly game. We didn’t play good defense. We couldn’t score when we did shoot and the other team has more experience than we do. I was expecting it to be hard. I knew the boys were going to be run silly. And I didn’t mind it too much.

I don’t like when we don’t box out and forget to play defense. Those are easy fixes. But I do like it when I see boys working hard. You can work hard and still lose. You can do everything right, and still get scored on.

Hopefully I can continue to edit clips like this all year and we can all help the boys to improve.

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