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It doesn’t seem like 9 does it?

It doesn’t seem like 9 does it?

We¬†decided to play some minute to win it type games at the party and I’ve learned that kids, being good athletes, does not always translate to being good at other things.

They were terrible and hitting paper footballs into the uprights. They didn’t know how to shoot a rubber band with their fingers. But I’m sure they could all destroy me in Call of Duty. So I guess it’s fair.

I was talking to one of the partygoers about all the birthday pictures that EVERYONE has these days. Nobody really knows what to do with the thousands they own. I made it a point to only take pictures when I found things interesting enough to shoot.

So in that sense, here’s me doing something with the shots.

Sharing! I’m a genius.

The birthday boy in a what looks like a Benetton Ad


Stormageddon waiting for her high five. Had to leave her hanging, she’s not cool enough yet.


Ron showing the youngsters how it’s done.
adorable. Can’t believe her parents are THOSE people. I’m starting to think they stole her from the hospital.
It’s a confusing time for young men trying to find an identity.

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