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Grub Crawl > Pub Crawl

Grub Crawl > Pub Crawl

This weekend for my birthday we celebrated by getting to downtown Kansas city and going to the KC grub crawl. 

If you don’t know what that is, it’s okay. I didn’t either. Instead of going to different bars and having beers along the way, you get to stop at different restaurants and get samples of food along the way. So for a guy like me, who doesn’t really drink beer, it’s the perfect fun evening.

There was live music in several spots. The restaurants were giving small samples of their interesting foods. There were a few places giving the cheapest thing on their menu. There were some places basically giving a half a shot glass of… whatever it was. I had it swallowed before I was able to taste it. Also, Minksy’s had different pizzas. So the word ‘exotic’ may have been a bit far reaching.

Still, who doesn’t like a random slice of pizza?

Here’s one group of people who were engaged in a rap battle and beatboxing. Got serious when the old lady started popping and locking… I think, my memory is a little hazy. Cool old timers playing some 2 chainz and dropping the bass.. literally.

Cool old timers playing some 2 chainz and dropping the bass.. literally.

All in all, it was fun, interesting and most of all… NEW. The brain needs new before it starts erasing shit it doesn’t need. That drive to work that you took last tuesday? Your brain has already erased it. That day where you did the same thing over and over, your brain doesn’t have even a vague collection. It’s gone. So that week automatically became shorter.

Mathematically speaking, that’s why time speeds up as you get older. There’s are less and less NEW experiences. Sadly, it’s backed up by researchers trying to figure it out.

So I must thank my lovely wife for talking me into it. I wasn’t sure at first but her excitement made me realize it was a good plan. My life would be shorter without her as I’m a creature of habit.

She shakes me out of my doldrums sometimes, even when she doesn’t mean to. I’m glad I have her to share my NEW and make sure they keep happening. Even when I have minor existential crises. “a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention ”

okay, maybe just having a brain issue doesn’t count as a dangerous situation. Still, she is probably the reason someone like me doesn’t drown standing up in the shower.

Thumbs up the City Market for introducing me to new foods (good and bad). Big credit goes to my wife for making sure my indecisiveness didn’t ruin my fabulous birthday weekend. And other than being supremely tired and fully stuffed a few times, it was ANOTHER fantastic birthday.

She already knows that I expect her to be the reason I die, (happily of course), but she doesn’t know that she is the reason that my stupid brain gets new stuff all the time. Thus making sure I didn’t forget to actually ‘live’.

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