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The World is not against you

The World is not against you

A coworker came up this morning and said
“how’s the world treating you”.
I was going to say fine, as the usual office banter goes, but stopped mid-breath.

I told her, “ah, well, the world doesn’t care about me”.

She backtracked a bit, maybe worried that she hit a soft spot, stating there is someone who cares for me.

I gave her my happiest smile and attempted to explain…

Of course there are people that care, and even people I care about, but that’s not what I meant. I’m talking about the ‘WORLD’.  (I realize this isn’t what she meant, but I despise office small talk)

Some abstract being that somehow controls all the stuff that happens to you. That imaginary beast doesn’t exist. A part of me wishes it did. That way there is someone there to take the credit.. and, more importantly, the BLAME.

Imagine how much simpler life would be if random shit had an actual face. What would we call that face? I vote for Truckula, maybe stormageddon… There’s always Golan

Bow to Golan

or the council of Ricks.

this one gets my vote. 100%

Damn you Golan/Ricks, you made my team lose the superhockeycupbowl!

They would smile back with a “yup.. whatchu gonna do about it? puny human”

LUCKILY, (yes, I said luckily), such a beastie doesn’t exist.

The world is not AGAINST you. It’s not on your side or mine. It just IS.

In all reality, the ‘WORLD’ and how can I emphasize this … doesn’t. give. a. shit. about. you.

All those random coincidences, the tragic, the brillant, the beauty, the stupid and the supremely dumb, it just is.  And that’s the way I like it.

The sooner you learn that, the closer you’ll be to enlightenment. The sooner you can join the church of Snapmouse.

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