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2014 Rampage Basketball

2014 Rampage Basketball

Please enjoy and share the basketball video from our 2014 season. This year we called ourselves RAMPAGE. Just because I’ve never seen it before. Next year we may go competitive, but this was a fun season.

Edited by me. Video shot by my lovely wife and daughter. They deserve most of the credit.

2014 Rampage from Billy Vicenti on Vimeo.

We had a fantastic and fun season with no drama at all. Made it to championship game but came in 2nd.

So very proud of all our players. I hope we inspired a love of basketball in these kids. I like to believe they will continue to play and I like to believe that it’s because of our awesome coaches. I’m sure the attitudes of our players and their parents help a lot too.

I can go on and on about the season and the players. But in order to keep it short. I’ll try to summarize.

First, Parents/people are crazy.
This is 2nd grade basketball. This year we had an end of the year tournament. Which sounded like an excellent idea because… well, we get to play more basketball. But that seemed to turn up the notch on crazy competitiveness. I heard things from parents that I would be disappointed in hearing from a 12 year old.

Luckily my parents were very cool and understanding. We actually made it to the championship game with our little team. Which is amazing in itself.

Third, I really enjoy this coaching kids thing. I’m not sure I could handle Jr High or High School like my buddy who just won coach of the year for his district over in New Mexico. But it’s fun getting the fundamentals down for some of these kids. Some days it’s rewarding to know that they’ve actually learned a lot about the game.

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