Ronin’s Surprise Birthday

We managed to surprise Ronin for his birthday this year by convincing him that he had baseball practice. Told all his friends to come and we just played games and messed about for a few hours.

Inspired by the games from DudePerfect, we played dizzy sports.
Watch the video here to see the boys (and the coaches) make fools of themselves.

2015_Ronin_BdayParty from Billy Vicenti on Vimeo.

In the end, it was a good time.

2015 Monarchs Highlights

2015 Monarchs from Billy Vicenti on Vimeo.

Here (Finally) is the highlight video of the 2015 Monarchs baseball team.

It’s a 10 minute video with music so I suggest you watch it with sound. It’s my 5th? creation of video editing. Most of the video is shot with a camera attached to the fence via a contraption made by my sister Trin.

There was a lot of great plays that didn’t make the cut, and even more great plays that was missed because either the camera died or I didn’t have time to set it up. Still, the boys did great this year and these plays show how much they’ve improved. Hopefully we will continue to have fun. Please feel free to visit the latest site of the ballclub at

Hawaiian Hitfest

Here’s a quick edit of our worse tournament this year. It was simply something I started and wanted to see how quickly I could get it done. Took me longer than expected but I never really had to sit and focus too hard on it. Which explains the lack of effects and transitions, but as I said, sort of quick and sloppy.

Enjoy or hate it, here it is.

2015_HawaiianHitfest from Billy Vicenti on Vimeo.

Music for the Masses

As I get older, it’s harder to find new music. I worked as a Radio DJ for about 3 years. I played the top 40 set back in the early 90’s. Then moved to the country daytime shift to get a normal schedule. Both of those opened up my stubborn young music brain.

We are always looking for new music. At least, most people are. Rarely do I find stuff I like. Which sucks and is a result of growing old. It’s hard to find new music that doesn’t REMIND you of past music. It’s that being old thing and hearing old trends resurface. You know when you hear a song and think, ‘Hey, this sounds like….’. Sorry old man, it’s over. You can’t un-hear the past.

I wish there was a way to to erase that part of your brain so it can feel fresh and new.

However, I like this little site. I remember it existed way back, but couldn’t find it. Put in an artist and it finds similar ones.

I’ve become a fan of the Kooks, Cold War Kids, Arctic Monkeys. I’ve also been known to actually PURCHASE music from Green Day, Black Keys, MxPx, Newfound Glory, Eminem, Matchbox 20, Garth Brooks. And never forget the greats like Marvin Gaye, George Strait, Otis Redding, Tupac Shakur, Don Williams, Queen and.. well, I could go on and on.

I despise music genre’s. Either you like it or you don’t. However, I do believe there are songs that require different moods or situations. For example; headphone songs. You need to sit down with some headphones, turn it up and listen to all the little details in it.

Some are car songs. Great background distraction or sing out loud to yourself type of stuff. This also includes avoiding hitting your head on the steering wheel because it just simply rocks.

Then there’s the put on in the background and enjoy the smoothness of it. The groove track as I call it. If I could sleep with only music on, the groove track would be the one to put me out. Unfortunately my brain doesn’t work that way. I’d stay awake to listen. Some Metallica or Nine Inch Nails would be better to help me snooze down.

Here’s a few songs for my friends.

This is one those headphone songs.
Collection of musicians including Marcus Mumford went back and recorded songs written by Bob Dylan. This song (*Kansas City) is awesome.

Hozier – Work Song
Hell yes

The rap game seems to have stepped up lately. Maybe it’s just because it’s basketball season in my brain. If you like some hip hop, here’s my latest new(est) picks.

Kendrick Lamar – i
More mainstream rap but an actual good groove to the bassline of this song. It’s an Isley brothers sample so no wonder it has a good bassline. The song doesn’t start for 45 seconds into the video

Hopsin – Gimme That money
If you don’t mind the bits of cussing, this song has a fantastic hook and so much fun.

I also suggest “Am I a psycho” with Tech n9ne. Some great technical lyrical stuff happening in that song.

My Other latest favorite (and it’s like 6 years old)
RedCloud – Songs they Sang

Just give it a minute. It’s awesome. That “Hawthorne’s Most Wanted” album has a number of quality songs if you dig west coast rap as well.

I think Run the Jewels 2 is one of the best albums since Marshall Mathers as well.

If you need something slower, then I highly suggest
Tuxedos by Cold War Kids

Also, “First” by Cold War Kids is perfect for something off the normal but a brilliant song. I believe this is what they call “alternative”.

Last and certainly not least. Some old Love/Arthur Lee has become one of the songs I make everyone listen to at least once.

For people like me, there’s a lot of good places to check. The Triple J hot 100 is something everyone should keep an eye on. There are a few songs there that just aren’t in my wheelhouse. Though it has Milky Chance’s Stolen Dance, which I was introduced to by a friend and I love that song.
Also has Childing Gambino songs in his list, so I already trust their taste. Listen to Briggs, Hilltop Hoods, and Thundamentals if you take the time to listen to the list.

Here’s the entire playlist if you need something to just change your brain a bit.