For My Rick and Morty fans out there

If you’re not watching Rick and Morty you’re missing some of the best television on the air right now. See the Pen Rick and Morty EP 3 by Gordon “Gordo” Cheng (@gordosan) on CodePen. I’ve been trying to get everyone around me to watch it, and love it.

2015 Monarchs Highlights

2015 Monarchs from Billy Vicenti on Vimeo.

Here (Finally) is the highlight video of the 2015 Monarchs baseball team.

It’s a 10 minute video with music so I suggest you watch it with sound. It’s my 5th? creation of video editing. Most of the video is shot with a camera attached to the fence via a contraption made by my sister Trin.

There was a lot of great plays that didn’t make the cut, and even more great plays that was missed because either the camera died or I didn’t have time to set it up. Still, the boys did great this year and these plays show how much they’ve improved. Hopefully we will continue to have fun. Please feel free to visit the latest site of the ballclub at

Hawaiian Hitfest

Here’s a quick edit of our worse tournament this year. It was simply something I started and wanted to see how quickly I could get it done. Took me longer than expected but I never really had to sit and focus too hard on it. Which explains the lack of effects and transitions, but as I said, sort of quick and sloppy.

Enjoy or hate it, here it is.

2015_HawaiianHitfest from Billy Vicenti on Vimeo.